Set the Tweet mode whichever you like.

Tweet mode is three kinds at all. The text to tweet is customizable.

  1. Step1

    measurement value mode

    The measured numerical value is tweeted as it is.

  2. Step2

    secret mode

    The value of difference is tweeted to measured value and a preset value.
    Please input a value into your using.

  3. Step3

    information mode

    It tweets, when a desired value and a cautions value are exceeded.

Twitter cooperation method

  1. Step1

    Please log in to HealthPlanet.
    If you leave the login to Twitter in advance, you can set work seamlessly.
    Please do register as a member the person that is not a member yet.

  2. Step2

    Open the Twitter Settings, please click "Cooperation setup".

  3. Step3

    Application approval Twitter page that opens, check the contents, please click on the "Authorize app".
    *Login screen will open if you are not logged in to Twitter.
    Cooperates with Twitter.

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