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HealthPlanet app

Free app healthcare site of HealthPlanet app TANITA of "HealthPlanet".

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Supported OS:
Android 4.0 or later, iOS 7.0 or later
(does not operate on Android OS 2.3.5 or earlier)
How to use Healthplanet app.

graph data image

I will carry out record attachment of the body data, and will learn the custom of measuring health.

You can see at a glance change data that has been recorded because the graph display.
Diet planned is possible to set goals.

[ Input items that can be ]
- Body Composition Monitor
  Weight/Body Fat %/Muscle Mass/Bone Mass/Visc.Fat Lv/   Basal Metabolic Rate/Metabolic Age/Body Water %/BMI
- Pedometer
  Steps/Calorie Expenditure/Exercise
- Sphygmomanometer
  Lowest Blood Pressure/Highest Blood Pressure/Pulse
- Digital urine glucose meter
  Urine Glucose

Data transfer image

If the apparatus corresponding to communication of TANITA is used, the measured data will be automatically reflected in an application.

partner website image

If data cooperation is carried out with a partner site, body data can use at other sites!

Because I can transfer the data to a variety of health care site or SNS,
and will continue happily.
Partner sites list are here.

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